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Address: Timbo Gård
S-544 92 Hjo


Phone: +46-703-551411



Timbo Energimedicin

Address: Timbo Gård
S-544 92  Hjo


Phone: +46-703551411






Payment in cash only!

Energy Medicine Treatment: 1200 SEK / each appointment. Every treatment is about 1 hour.



How to get to TIMBO

Timbo Farm is situated about 5 km west of the city Hjo on the west shore of lake Vättern.

hitta rätt ...

Timboskyltenuppfartenröda längan

This is how it looks when you arrive at Timbo, the "TIMBO" sign along the main road,the main house and the red house with treating rooms and big room for seminars and courses.



GPS-coordinates for Timbo:

GPS: Timbo
Lat.   N58 18 35,19
Long.E14 11 9,98

If you would get lost, try phone numbers below;
Cellphone: +46-703-551411