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Energy medicine treatment

Each human being is unique, but what is common for all of us is that we during our time here on Earth draw events and situations to us that in the long run affect our health. The body has, if it only gets the chance, the exceptional ability to heal itself. The healing comes from within the day we understand why we have developed the imbalance that we in everyday life call disease. Through changing our views on ourselves and our surroundings and increasing the degree of self insight, many diseases and illnesses can significantly improve.

Everything we look upon around us and even in ourselves is made of energy. The energy is measured in frequencies (sampling rate). Different objects look different because they vibrate with different frequencies. Every person has his or her own frequency. Each step downward from this level will in short or long term result in some form of imbalance or disease, physical or psychological. We strive, often unconsciously, to uphold inner balance, but tests and tribulations  that we do not yet understand have a tendency to drain us from energy that is needed for monitoring our sensitive sampling rate. An alarm will sound when the frequency has fallen, and we get a symptom if something is wrong. If we take this alarm signal seriously at an early level, we can adjust these imbalances before the physical or psychological illness manifests.

To merely remove a symptom without finding out why the person has gotten this alarm signal is to move the problem onto the next weak link in the chain. There is always an underlying reason to each deviation. Some trials that we must endure have a deeper meaning than what many people are able to understand.  Today’s world can make it hard to take a break and give ourselves a chance to understand what it is all about. Through increasing the capacity to understand how a human being functions we can get closer to the truth and comprehend health and self-healing better.

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How does a treatment take place?

What is the reason for a change in the ideal state of being?

This question is the point of departure when viewing the present situation and problem. We will be looking at the underlying reasons.


FAQ concerning Energy medicine treatment.

Can I drive the car after a treatment?

Yes, but you might first want to rest for a while!

Can I stop taking my prescribed medication?

We never recommend anybody to end or change their medication.

Are there any side effects from a treatment?

No, but you will experience reactions that help you to get rid of the underlaying reason for the health problem you came for.

Is the treatment some sort of massage?

No, the treatment happens outside the physical body.

Will I get completely well after the treatment?

The time it takes to heal depends on how you choose to utilize the result of the treatment.

Do I need to take my clothes off?

No, just your outer wear.

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The two treatment rooms at Timbo


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