When no one believed in us and we became rejected by one publisher after another, we decided to do something about it.We had recieved a gift that was far to valuable to be neglected. We turned the negligence we met into power of our own. We started our own publishing company, Silverförlaget.

The profound knowledge and wisdom that medicine men, shamans and members of the Hopi tribe humbly have shared with us is the foundation of our journey on all levels.

The insight that we all are bearers of an incredible ability to create what we want, to change what we dare and understand what we must learn, is the key to the riddle of life.

With only my memory as a base, words started to form, inner pictures became sorted and created a story which is to be put on print in the book "What you can not avoid" (see bookinfo below ).

Do You want to recieve a thrill beyond everyday life? You can order the book by contacting us, and we will sen it to you. (Note, the book is beeing translated into English)

Titel: What you can not aviod
Author: Wind Song Coyote
Publisher: Silverförlaget

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"- What kept you, you are late! Behind the counter in the "randomly" chosen motel stood a man and looked at his watch. - You must be mistaken, I said. It´s not us you are waiting for......The man behind the counter was the son of a medicine man, and .....he was waiting for us."

Read this thrilling story that takes place in Arizona, USA and see how the encounter with Black Eagle changed the lives of two people.

Do you beleve in coincidence? You won´t after reding this book. Everything has a purpose, might not see it until afterwards.

" A book about ancient Native American wisdom, about friendship and trust, about cause and effect and.... the main thread of life"


After years of therapeutic treatment, classes and lectures, Wind Song Coyote publishes a double CD that consists of material from her classes.

When large amounts of people in the western world increasingly suffer from diseases caused by stress, like depression, insomnia, physical- and mental unbalance and when pills and shrinktalks don´t help, we offer an alternative that has proven effective.

CD1 is called HARMONI and is a CD for relaxing and it helps you to find both physical - and mental inner peace. Guided by specially composed music you will learn a relaxation technique that is good for both body and soul. (Note, the spoken guidance is in swedish).

CD2 is called MOLNRESA and helps you to get access to your inner power on a deeper level. We often search to find the meaning with the struggle we experience during our life. The CD is a tool for you who want to change your present situation. With specially composed music you will be gently guided on your inner journey. As you will walk in your own footsteps, you will never get lost.

It is Wind Song Coyote who gently guides you on both records. (note, spoken language is swedish).

The music is skillfully composed by Sven Lindvall, just for you to follow.

Title: Wind Song Coyote
Text and voice: Wind Song Coyote
Music: Sven Lindvall
Publisher: Silverförlaget

Listen to a sample track from CD 2

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Right now Wind Song Coyote is working on material that is going to become the follower to her first book "What you can not avoid".

"The Guide Book for all us living" is the current name of the next book that will consist of short chapters about everyday trials and how best to handle them. The book is based on own experiences and you will surely recognize yourself in many parts.

The guide book explains why everyday situations occur and gives you substantial guidelines how to better hold on to your energy. (note, the Guide book will first be published in swedish).

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